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Hi Writer! 
General Preferences: My tastes are wide. I am happy with a story of any rating, gen to explicit. Shipfic, plot based fic, or slice of life - any approach is fine. For canons where I don't otherwise nope out, PWP is also welcome. 
If you're a tastes-researching writer, here are my bookmarks and fic on AO3, and letters for previous fests are on this journal. 
Tropes and plots I love: 'Forced to tell the truth' scenarios of any kind (truth serum, sudden telepathy, drinking games, thinking-they're-about-to-die confessions etc.). Trapped together in a cabin type scenarios. Anything that deals with a character's area of competence and lets them shine, especially if they're an artist or in science/engineering. Mythology for a particular universe. Exploring a universe's magic, technology or political systems. Suddenly soulbonded / telepathic / body swapped / unable to be apart from one another for reasons / swapped powers. Magical realism. Team or group bonding stories that focus on found family. 
DNW: Non-con, dub-con, incest, any kind of explicit or implied sexual relationship between an adult and child or teenager - or in a mentor/student relationship, sexual activity involving any character under 18, humiliation in any context (including awkward sex), infidelity, deathfic, pregnancy, kidfic, animal harm, eye injury, Trump in any form. And a cephalopod (squid, octopus) phobia, um. Although tentaclefic is fine, so long as there is no actual cephalopod, go figure. 
Fandom: The Administration - Manna Francis
Relationships: Val Toreth/Keir Warrick
I love the series because it pings hard on my "assassins in love" kink. I'm (oddly enough, I guess) not all that invested in the actual kink, but more in Toreth's ongoing struggles with being part of a couple. I love that he, and everyone around him is aware that he's personality disordered, and I'm very intrigued by the ways in which he himself, as well as Warrick and Sara, manage that. We don't often get to see why Warrick loves Toreth outside of their sex life, though he clearly does. I'd love to see that explored.
Ideas: Toreth finally gets to see his own psych profile. Warrick meets Toreth's mother. Someone reevaluates Toreth's psych profile (anyone but Carnac, I can't take him any more!) and finds he's making progress. Sara's POV on Toreth living with Warrick. Maybe you offered this fandom because you were hoping for a porn request, in which case go ahead with my enthusiastic blessing and see letter for more. Maybe Warrick and Toreth travel outside New London and Shit Goes Down, and Toreth gets to unleash mayhem defending Warrick. Maybe Warrick does the same.
I am a little bit bored with the Toreth Is Insanely Jealous plotline by now...I think *Toreth* is bored with that as well. Maybe he tries to fix that.
Fandom-specific DNW: No harm to Sara, please, including harm to her relationship with Toreth.
Fandom: Vatta's War - Elizabeth Moon
Relationships: Kylara Vatta/Rafe Dunbarger
Like The Administration, I love these two so much because they ping my 'assassins in love' kink so hard. They are both hypercompetent, ruthless people, and I really loved Kylara's arc of realisation of her nature. I so very much wanted more of their relationship.
Prompts if you enjoy them (if you don't, follow your muse!):
- Futurefic - what's next for them?
- The novels fade to black. If you enjoy writing sex scenes, I'd love to read about their first time.
- One of my favourite tropes for these kinds of ruthless-people pairings is one of them in peril, and one going for the overkill solution to get to their partner back. Bonus if they cause extra mayhem once reunited.
- I really enjoy the politics in this series. I'd love to see the two of them negotiating a political situation.
- Ky getting more comfortable with the idea that she actively enjoys battle. What does that mean for the choices she makes in the future?
Fandom: The Wood Wife - Terri Windling
Any character
This book. *This book*. I love it so much. I love that it's about an artist and her relationship and struggle with her art. I love, so much, that it's about personification of place and the magic in nature. I love that all the spirit creatures are dual-natured and might be helpful or hurtful. It is just so great, this book. You can write about anything at all, including characters not nominated, and I'll be so happy.
Ideas: I'd be really interested to read about Anna Neverra's early adventures with the mountains, if you're so inclined. (Though please note my Do Not Wants below if you tackle Anna.) Maggie, getting her poetry back. Does she go back to Cooper's house? Does she stay with Fox? What does her future relationship with the spirit creatures look like? Dora: Does she start making time for her own art? What does a 'day in the life' working at the bookshop look like? I'm interested in Dora's own creative life and her friendship with Maggie. Crow: Trickster stories are the best. Anything with Crow is great.
For this fandom, I'd prefer a fic that isn't explicit, or focused on a ship.
Fandom: Matthew Swift series - Kate Griffin
Any character
The worldbuilding and the magic systems in this universe are just brilliant, and I'm so fascinated by the way urban sorcery works. I'm really interested in the relationship between Matthew and the Angels. The way they switch back and forth, what each understands about the other, to what extent they are one being. Their *origin story* - they are literally born from spam emails. (If you break the forth wall a little and read Kate Griffin's notes, anyway.) That is just the coolest to me. One of the things I enjoyed about Magicals Anonymous was seeing Swift from the outside and how hilariously irrational and yet how terrifyingly powerful he seems.
I'd love to read about Matthew and the Angels, doing pretty much anything. Pick any supporting characters you would like, or introspection is fine too.
If you enjoy the avatar characters, then I'd love to read anything at all from the POV of one or many of them. Maybe their origin stories - are they constructs or were they once human, or something else? What does the city look like to them? The magical battles? What is their relationship to the Council like? Ordinary humans?
I've read all the books and the Magicals Anonymous spinoff books, and I'm happy with a story set anywhere in the timeline, of any rating.
Fandom: Doctor Strange (2016)
Relationship: Stephen Strange/Cloak of Levitation

I keep seeing this in the tagset and it's growing on me.

Tell me about Stephen Strange and the Cloak that doesn't deign to speak to just anyone. Make it cracky, make it crack treated seriously, make it smutty, make it angsty, make it horror. I don't mind. I just want to hear about the adventures of Strange and his sentient Cloak.

Does it have inter-dimensional meetings with other Significant Textiles? Aladdin's Carpet, Harry's Cloak of Invisibility, the Ministry's Curtain of Death?

Does the Cloak court Strange? Are they telepathically linked? Is there Great Angst because now Strange can never really be happy with a human? For a horror angle, is it kind of parasitic? Possessed? Or maybe their love for one another is great and true and no one would ever understand? Where are the erogenous zones on a cloak? What are smut possibilities of levitation? Look, I have a lot of questions, now that I'm brought to consider this pairing. Go wild, I will love it.

I don't like deathfic, and so if you make the Cloak friendly please don't "kill" it. If it's an Evil Cloak, killing it is okay!

Date: 2017-04-09 11:09 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] isis
I don't know the fandom, but I saw your request in the request summary, and now I want all the Significant Textiles to hang out in a bar (or bar-equivalent) and gripe about how difficult it is to be a cloth-based lifeform these days.


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