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Dear Hetswap Author,
Hi! Pleased to meet you. I hope I've given you what you need to make writing for my prompts stress-free, but if not, please do ask me anything you need via a mod. If it helps, you can poke at my fic and bookmarks at AO3. 

If you're browsing my old letters and a different prompt looks interesting, that is fine with me! 
AO3 name: cher
Things I love: Magic and tech systems - how stuff works in each universe. Pining. Banter. Characters utterly necessary to one another. Assassins in Love. Humour. Nostalgia and the melancholy that can go with it. Competence. Mythology. The wonder of meeting the supernatural or the strange for the first or fiftieth time. Belonging. The relationship of the everyday to the extraordinary. 
I enjoy shippy fic of any rating from G to explicit, and also enjoy gen character pieces, case or mission fic, or anything really! Whichever direction calls, writer, go! While my bookmarks reveal a tendency toward m/m, I love and appreciate f/f, m/f and all other permutations as well. 
Some favourite tropes: "Forced to tell the truth" in all its versions (truth serum, spell, drinking games, sudden telepathy, sudden soulbond, etc). Third party observer. One or both halves of a pairing oblivious to their feelings. Pining. Getting together. Bodyswap. Loyalty kink. 
None of these things are essential to my enjoyment of the fic you write. :)
Things I Do Not Love (In Exchanges At Least): Non-con, dub-con, incest, any kind of explicit or implied sexual relationship between an adult and child or teenager - or in a mentor/student relationship, humiliation in any context (including awkward sex), infidelity, deathfic, pregnancy, kidfic, animal harm, eye injury. And a cephalopod (squid, octopus) phobia, um. Although tentaclefic is fine, so long as there is no actual cephalopod, go figure. Prefer to avoid a focus on contemporary RL politics. 
Fandom: Vatta's War - Elizabeth Moon
Characters: Rafe Dunbarger/Kylara Vatta
Original Optional Details: I love these two so much because they ping my 'assassins in love' kink so hard. They are both hypercompetent, ruthless people, and I really loved Kylara's arc of realisation of her nature. I so very much wanted more of their relationship. 
Prompts if you enjoy them (if you don't, follow your muse!): 
- Futurefic - what's next for them? 
- The novels fade to black. If you enjoy writing sex scenes, I'd love to read about their first time. 
- One of my favourite tropes for these kinds of ruthless-people pairings is one of them in peril, and one going for the overkill solution to get to their partner back. Bonus if they cause extra mayhem once reunited. 
- I really enjoy the politics in this series. I'd love to see the two of them negotiating a political situation. 
- Ky getting more comfortable with the idea that she actively enjoys battle. What does that mean for the choices she makes in the future?

Fandom: Lucifer (TV)
Characters: Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar
I love these two together so very much. I can see them as a romantic pairing, but also as a non-exclusive friends with benefits sort of deal. I love getting together fic, and I enjoy G-rated shippiness just as much as explicit porniness, so please write wherever you're comfortable on that scale!I have not seen any of Season 2 yet, so while I don't care about spoilers I'll also need a bit of exposition if you're riffing off something set there.
Prompts if you enjoy them (if you don't, follow your muse!): 
- What I love about Lucifer as a character is that he doesn't have any body or sex related shame, and therefore doesn't project that onto anyone else either. That makes him a safe space for experimentation and comfort. (If you read him differently that is absolutely fine - I don't expect you to write him a certain way if you don't see it. :)) I'd love to play with that. What's Chloe always wanted to try but hasn't been brave enough / hasn't had the right partner?
- Cabin fic! I'd love a getting-together story with Lucifer and Chloe forced together by circumstance somewhere isolated and cosy-ish. Cuddling by the fire! (Has Lucifer ever cuddled before?) If you like, sex. (They are in an isolated place and Chloe can be loud. This is a relief for a parent, I imagine.) 
- Chloe is in peril! Lucifer is angry enough with her captors to let her see his supernatural-ness. He is a magnificent BAMF. Angst! She will hate him now! But she's safe! What does Chloe actually do?
- I'm interested in seeing a Chloe who is fascinated, intrigued, maybe even kinks on Lucifer's supernatural-ness, rather than backing away or pretending she doesn't see it. 
- Humans are so confusing. Chloe explains something she thinks should be obvious to Lucifer. Maybe this changes his understanding of their relationship. Maybe it's just a sweet moment. 
Kidfic squick does not apply to Trixie. She's cool, and she can appear in your fic if you need her to. 
More: I love this show for it's everything, really, but Lucifer's anything goes attitude is so much fun. I headcanon the idea the Lucifer is a safe space for Chloe for anything, really, because of that lack of judgement he has going. I love seeing Chloe be the same for him, and letting him drop all his fronts. 
I love the supernatural elements a lot. Angels! Demons! Stonework feels more like home than, like, normal plastered walls! 


Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Spike/Buffy Summers, Faith Lehane/Spike

In Buffy-verse, I am open to darkfic, fluff, porn, casefic - anything, really. It's a dark canon, and also a fun one, so go with whatever direction you want. Grief and mourning are a big part of the canon, for this canon deathfic is okay, if that's what you want to write. 
Prompts if you want them:
Buffy/Spike: I love Buffy and Spike together. I think that Spike gets Buffy on a level none of her other partners have. For that matter, on a level that none of the Scoobies do. I like seeing her have that acceptance from him, and I like seeing Buffy explore the side she sees as 'dark' with him. Spike doesn't get acceptance from Buffy through most of canon, though, and the darkness and dysfunction in their relationship is part of what makes it interesting. 
- The "we get each other" vibe that comes out when Spike and Buffy have fun killing things together is the best. I cannot read enough stories where they ditch the other Scoobies so they can fight things on their own and no one can judge Buffy for it. (And then they have sex. If you like writing that. Otherwise, they just kill things a lot.)
- I love Spike's pining after Buffy. I'd love a story in which Buffy discovers how much he's been doing to help and protect her behind her back, while still pretending to be the Big Bad to her face. She's Buffy; she's probably still mad at him no matter what. But what to do with this information?
- Post Season 7, Buffy is intensely grieving Spike, in a way that forces the Scoobies to take her feelings for him seriously. She may or may not then discover his presence in LA. 
-  Sudden telepathy! Oh no! Buffy and Spike can hear one another's thoughts! 
I think these two could have some glorious fun together. I think they'd recognise and shore up one another's insecurities. I can see them being very good together, or totally destructive. Either is fine with me! 
- Rampage! I can see these two playing off each others' liking for a good fight. Are they fighting demons? Making Angel's life hell? Both? 
- Life hasn't been especially kind to either of these characters. I'd like to see them offering comfort to one another, whatever that might look like. A few beers and karaoke? A few whiskeys and a good fight? Knock down drag out sex? Sitting quietly in the moonlight? A shared Burning of the Ex's Things?
- Faith seems to fit the kind of woman Spike could properly fall for, but I can also see them using each other. Dysfunction! Or true love?


Fandom: Crossover Fandom
Characters: Lucifer Morningstar/Buffy Summers, Alex Krycek/Buffy Summers, Logan (X-Men)/Buffy Summers, Methos/Buffy Summers

Uh, so, I love Buffy dropped into canons with loner assassin types. I usually prefer Buffy entering the other fandom's verse, rather than the other way around, but whereever your idea takes you! With all of these, feel free to pull in any of the supporting characters from either canon involved, if you want to. Or cross a bunch of them over, if the urge takes you. 
Alex/Buffy: How does she deal with aliens? *Are* they aliens, or are they really demons that XF-verse doesn't understand? Either way, can Buffy help fight them? How did they meet? Or, Alex on the run finds his way to Sunnydale. Maybe Buffy finds him managing to take out a demon with a gun and determination. Maybe Alex is in town looking for magical help for a better prosthesis. These are both pragmatic characters who will take a good ally in a pinch, and I think they'd be impressed by one another's survival instincts. Buffy might not like Alex's ethics, depending on where in her timeline she is. How does this play out? Allies-with-benefits? The one that got away? That one summer romance who occasionally shows up again with mayhem on his or her trail?
Logan/Buffy: I'd like to see a post Season 7 Buffy meeting Logan. (Anywhere in his timeline except "Logan" movie - so with his healing factor working, please.) I think he'd adore her - he can't seem to resist a woman with warrior instincts. I'd like to see how his gruffness would come up against Buffy's quipping. (Or is she older, sadder, quieter in the future? Maybe!) I can see them being good companions, and better fighting partners. I think Buffy and Logan both need a cause to fight for - what if one of them has lost that? (He's lost his memories again, she's no longer the only Slayer and isn't needed, he's not with the X-Men for some reasons... whatever you like.)
Lucifer/Buffy: I just really want to see these two interacting. I think they'd have great banter. Would Buffy try to kill him on sight and then have to be talked down? (I'd kind of love a scenario like this as a reveal for Chloe - Buffy's in LA to talk to Angel, maybe, runs across Lucifer and he sets off her Slayer sense immediately. Does he know what a Slayer is? Can he sense her time in Heaven?) Maybe they've met in Hell? I can't see them taking up together with any seriousness in Lucifer-canon, necessarily, but if you can I'd love to read it. I *could* see a serious thing if Buffy was trapped in Hell for some reason - I think under those circumstances, before Lucifer came to LA, if they were both in hopeless places they'd be good together. Otherwise, I can see a one night stand, maybe. But I am happily, happily willing to read any scenario you come up with! 
Methos/Buffy: Has Methos met Slayers before? Can she sense there's something different about him?  I'd love to see them meet post Season 7 for Buffy, at a time when she is at loose ends and perhaps a bit world weary. I could see Methos being able to love Buffy deeply, but would he choose to stay with such a trouble magnet again? I think Buffy is drawn to supernatural lovers and I think she'd like the glimpses of Death under the Adam exterior. Methos is possibly older than the First Slayer - does he know anything about the creation of the Slayer line? Demons are canonical for Highlander - has he worked with Slayers in the past? Are Buffy type Watchers and Highlander type Watchers the same organisation? Does that make Immortals a different kind of Slayer experiment? I don't know, these canons have interesting mythologies when you mix them, and I think Methos and Buffy could have really great chemistry. 


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