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Dear Writer,

Hi! It seems like Yuletide is my sole fannish participation lately, so I apologise for the very empty journal. If I've not given you enough to go on, please do ask me anything you need via a mod. If it helps, you can poke at my fic and bookmarks at AO3. 

I hope this Yuletide is a great one for you. 

AO3 name: cher
Things I love: Magic and tech systems - how stuff works in each universe. Pining. Banter. Characters utterly necessary to one another. Assassins in Love. Humour. Nostalgia and the melancholy that can go with it. Competence. Mythology. The wonder of meeting the supernatural or the strange for the first or fiftieth time. Belonging. The relationship of the everyday to the extraordinary. 

I enjoy shippy fic of any rating from G to explicit, and also enjoy gen character pieces, case or mission fic, or anything really! Whichever direction calls, writer, go! While my bookmarks reveal a tendency toward m/m, I love and appreciate f/f, m/f and all other permutations as well. 

Some favourite tropes: "Forced to tell the truth" (truth serum, spell, drinking games etc). Third party observer. One or both halves of a pairing oblivious to their feelings. Pining. Getting together. 

None of these things are essential to my enjoyment of the fic you write. :)

Things I Do Not Love: Non-con, dub-con, incest, any kind of explicit or implied sexual relationship between an adult and child or teenager, humiliation in any context, deathfic, pregnancy, kidfic, animal harm, eye injury. And a cephalopod (squid, octopus) phobia, um. 


Fandom: The Wood Wife - Terri Windling
Characters: Any (Nominated are Anna Naverra, Crow, Maggie Black, Dora del Rio)

Original Optional Details: This book. *This book*. I love it so much. I love that it's about an artist and her relationship and struggle with her art. I love, so much, that it's about personification of place and the magic in nature. I love that all the spirit creatures are dual-natured and might be helpful or hurtful. It is just so great, this book. You can write about anything at all, including characters not nominated, and I'll be so happy. 

Ideas: I'd be really interested to read about Anna Neverra's early adventures with the mountains, if you're so inclined. (Though please note my Do Not Wants below if you tackle Anna.) Maggie, getting her poetry back. Does she go back to Cooper's house? Does she stay with Fox? What does her future relationship with the spirit creatures look like? Dora: Does she start making time for her own art? What does a 'day in the life' working at the bookshop look like? I'm interested in Dora's own creative life and her friendship with Maggie. Crow: Trickster stories are the best. Anything with Crow is great.

Source Material: One book of roughly 300 pages. 


Fandom: The Black Tapes Podcast
Characters: Alex Reagan, Richard Strand

Original Optional Details: I binged this podcast when I found it. I love everything about it and I can't wait for Season 3. (I have no idea when that's going to come out, but you can be sure that I'll keep up, Writer, so feel free to use whatever part of canon that appeals to you - most recent to oldest.) The concept, the way the story is presented and the show edited, what's included and what might be implied. I love that we hear Nic challenging Alex every so often, either because she really does need it or because he's playing Devil's Advocate. 
If you ship it:
Okay, so, I ship Alex and Dr. Strand pretty hard and I would love something shippy of any rating. The Shared Room At the Hotel, omg. Is there pining? I love pining. How hard is it to work with someone who figuratively slams the door every time there's a disagreement? And how do those final-sounding disagreements keep getting solved? To what extent is what we hear edited and stage managed, and how much of what's going to air is Dr. Strand aware of, or help Alex record in a certain way? 
I'm really intrigued that on Alex's Sleep Notes, despite having what appears even on-air to be an intense relationship of *some* kind, she still - even half asleep when you think she'd use his first name - says "Dr. Strand". That suggests to me that that's how she thinks of him in her head. Why, at this stage of professional (at least) relationship?
Coralee: I'd prefer that Coralee not be a focus of your story - for some reason I'm just not very interested in her motivations. 
If you don't ship it:
Despite all that ramble, I will also love something gen; casefic, character study, whatever you like. I love third-party observer fic and would also really enjoy another character's (Nic? Ruby?) take on Alex, Dr. Strand and The Black Tapes mysteries. 
I wouldn't have started listening if I didn't love the mystery and investigation side of things. Investigating a new Black Tape or a "listener question" would be great. What's Simon Reese up to? Tannis Braun? Can Strand ever be induced to get along with Tannis and what even is going on there? Is Nic right that there's a demon-possession meme best traced through psychiatric facilities?  
I love this show so hard, but I have a couple of fandom-specific DNWs: 
I admit; this show creeps me out sometimes and since I'll be staying the middle of nowhere for Christmas, I would prefer it if you avoided focusing on creepiness experienced by Alex or Dr. Strand directly. I mostly mean, I'd prefer not a focus on Alex's personal hauntings or either of them having their own Tall Paul. Mentioning is fine, though, of course! And you can be as creepy as you like if it's in the context of something they're investigating. 
I'm not a fan of the manipulative!Strand interpretation and would prefer Strand treated as dealing with Alex (relatively) honestly.

More: I am up to date with TANIS as well, so if you like both shows and want to have Alex and Strand investigating something TANIS related, I am cool with that too. Nic/Geoff is a bit of a NOTP for me but other than that all is cool. And TANIS stuff does not freak me out at all...that's just the demons. (Why is it always demons?)

Source Material: Podcast, two seasons of twelve episodes each

Fandom: The Administration - Manna Francis
Characters: Val Toreth, Keir Warrick, Sara Lovelady

Original Optional Details:  I discovered this fandom via this year's Yuletide nominations and read all the online-available stories in about a week. I will get my paws on the rest one of these days. 
I love the series because it pings hard on my "assassins in love" kink. I'm (oddly enough, I guess) not all that invested in the actual kink, but more in Toreth's ongoing struggles with being part of a couple. I love that he, and everyone around him is aware that he's personality disordered, and I'm very intrigued by the ways in which he himself, as well as Warrick and Sara, manage that. We don't often get to see why Warrick loves Toreth outside of their sex life, though he clearly does. I'd love to see that explored. 
Sara is a real favourite, and I've included her because I love her so much, but if you have a Toreth and Warrick story you're dying to tell, it's okay if you don't include her. I am not opposed to a non-permanent Sara/Warrick/Toreth threesome if you can make it work! 
Ideas: Toreth finally gets to see his own psych profile. Warrick meets Toreth's mother. Someone reevaluates Toreth's psych profile (anyone but Carnac, I can't take him any more!) and finds he's making progress. Sara's POV on Toreth living with Warrick. Maybe you offered this fandom because you were hoping for a porn request, in which case go ahead with my enthusiastic blessing and see letter for more. Maybe Warrick and Toreth travel outside New London and Shit Goes Down, and Toreth gets to unleash mayhem defending Warrick. Maybe Warrick does the same. 
I am a little bit bored with the Toreth Is Insanely Jealous plotline by now...I think *Toreth* is bored with that as well. Maybe he tries to fix that. 
Fandom-specific DNW: No harm to Sara, please, including harm to her relationship with Toreth. 

More: If you'd like the porn option, my favourite kinks are dirty talk, come play, object insertion, objectification (without humiliation), but don't feel like you have to use these! I love that Toreth finds Warrick's danger kink so funny. Actually, I wonder what does Warrick think of his own kinks? He mostly seems to just go with it, but sometimes he seems to surprise himself with what he wants. While the power exchange part of their relationship isn't a kink I share, the psychology of it within their relationship does interest me. I love that Toreth spends so much time planning scenes for them, and Warrick knows that he does - but does he know that Toreth's scared that the day he stops being able to surprise Warrick is the day Warrick leaves him? (I'm not attached to particular top or bottom partners either - if you've been dying to write top!Warrick, sure, go for it!) 

Source Material: Primary available free online here

Fandom: Poison Elves 
Characters: Lusiphur Malache

Original Optional Details: This series just is glorious. I received a wonderful fic for Yuletide years and years ago, and this year I have a wish for more. I love Lusiphur and his ridiculous, hilarious, violent world. I love Parintachin, and the whole idea of an imp that lives in people's heads. I love all the implications for Lusiphur's relative sanity as a result. 
This is one of those "I'll be so excited to see fic for the fandom that you can write anything at all!" fandoms, but that is probably less that helpful, so: I would love an exploration of Lusiphur and Parintachin's relationship. Maybe Parintachin POV on something Lusiphur is up to. Anything with Jace. I think Lusiphur snapping and the whole episode with Mr. Moto is one of the funniest things I have ever read. That and pretty much any time Luse is arguing with another assassin - the insults and the threatening are hilarious to me. And the mayhem. And Jace and Luse getting into trouble together. And Tenth! And the Purple Marauder. Look, I'm a bit incoherent is what I'm saying. 
Any stage of canon is fine with me. (It's been ages since I've read the comics closely, I should do that. I have not read any of the 2013 (and after?) releases.)

Source Material: A series of comics / graphic novels written by Drew Hayes and published by Mulehide Graphics, and then Sirius. Historically they are a bit hard to come by or I would provide links. I think they may have been reprinted recently?


Fandom: Matthew Swift Series - Kate Griffin
Characters: Matthew Swift, Blue Electric Angels

Original Optional Details: The worldbuilding and the magic systems in this universe are just brilliant, and I'm so fascinated by the way urban sorcery works. I'm really interested in the relationship between Matthew and the Angels. The way they switch back and forth, what each understands about the other, to what extent they are one being. Their *origin story* - they are literally born from spam emails. (If you break the forth wall a little and read Kate Griffin's notes, anyway.) That is just the coolest to me. One of the things I enjoyed about Magicals Anonymous was seeing Swift from the outside and how hilariously irrational and yet how terrifyingly powerful he seems. 

I'd love to read about Matthew and the Angels, doing pretty much anything. Pick any supporting characters you would like, or introspection is fine too. 

I've read all the books and the Magicals Anonymous spinoff books, and I'm happy with a story set anywhere in the timeline, of any rating.

More: This world is just so damn clever. I love everything about how the magic works, but I'm really, really fond of the city's avatars - The Beggar King and The Bag Lady etc. One of the key things I enjoy about the series is the use of language and dialect, the way certain characters speak like real-world people. 

Source Material: Series of books of around 400 pages each.
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Dear Writer,

I hope you're going to have a great Yuletide. Thanks for signing up for one of my beloved fandoms!

I don't have a favourite request, and I'm going to be just as excited about a story for any one of them.

Onward! )
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Dear Yuletide Santa / Yulegoat,

[a whole lot of squeeing goes here]

Can't wait to know there's someone out there who loves my tiny fandoms! This year I've requested four fandoms that I'd be so very, very happy to see a story in that anything at all will make me flail in glee. So, if you are the kind of Yulegoat who prefers things short and sweet, let free rein guide you!

If you're the kind of Yulegoat who has arrived here to do some stalking and is freaking out at my empty, exists-pretty-much-just-for-Yuletide journal, read on!

Spoilers for all fandoms - skip the Option Details and More bits for fandoms you're trying to avoid!

Read more... )


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