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Hi Writer!

General Preferences: You can be as extremely smutty as you like, or you can write a more ship or plot based fic - I will be happy with any approach. PWP is fine, epic plotfest is also fine.

If you're a tastes-researching writer, here are my bookmarks and fic on AO3, and letters for previous fests are on this journal.

Things I Do Not Love (In Exchanges At Least): Non-con, dub-con, incest, any kind of explicit or implied sexual relationship between an adult and child or teenager - or in a mentor/student relationship, humiliation in any context (including awkward sex), infidelity, deathfic, pregnancy, kidfic, animal harm, eye injury. And a cephalopod (squid, octopus) phobia, um. Although tentaclefic is fine, so long as there is no actual cephalopod, go figure. Prefer to avoid a focus on contemporary RL politics.


Fandom: The Administration - Manna Francis
Relationships: Val Toreth/Keir Warrick
Kinks: Barebacking, Comeplay, Loyalty, High Heels, Lingerie, Crossdressing, Dirty Talk, Obsession, Object Insertion, Sex Toys Under Clothing, Danger Kink, Psychopaths in Love, Assassins & Hitmen, Sex in the Blood of Our Enemies, Competence Kink, Possessive Behavior,

Original Prompts:
What I love about this ship: I kink on the emotional dynamic between the two of them, the 'two of us against the world' vibe. On Warrick's side it's that sense of 'no one gets him like I do!' when someone tries to express their Concerns, and the willingness to break all kinds of laws when Toreth is in danger. On Toreth's side it's - well, everything about the Psychopaths in Love trope. This one person (+Sara) in all the world who's a real person. The growth Toreth goes through as a result of his relationship with Warrick. The slow waning of interest in sex outside his relationship. And the general badassary and competence of both of them.

Prompt: If you were just wanting to write a porn scene, I'd love to see one of the following (but am completely open to other ideas!):

- Toreth playing on Warrick's danger kink, maybe with a fear of discovery edge. One of them crossdressing, maybe in public, perhaps under duress (lost bet, Toreth danger-kinked Warrick into it so he feels forced to, undercover operation). One of them really likes it and maybe didn't know that before - I don't mind if it's the one crossdressing or the one watching. If sex toys under clothing get involved, or insertion of objects that are not actually sex toys, even better.

- Toreth being possessive and Warrick doing that thing he does where he tells himself he's just letting Toreth do what Toreth needs to do, but secretly he loves it. Marking, comeplay, sex toys under clothing + comeplay, tra la la.

If you want something with some plot opportunities:

- I would love to see a situation that brings out Warrick's ruthless side. Maybe it's an Assassins AU (so Warrick without his angst about Toreth's job), maybe it's Toreth in peril, maybe it's Dillian in peril and they both go rescue her. Either way I'd love to see Warrick and Toreth creating bloody mayhem, maybe separately but eventually side by side. And then Sex in the Blood of Their Enemies! Or if that's not your thing, 'Wow, you're such a competent badass when you're kicking ass' sex. Part of what makes this set of kinks work for me is their transgressive nature - I like when outsider characters or even the characters themselves are aware that their behavior isn't 'normal' but characters love it anyway.

Fandom Specific DNW: No harm to Sara, including harm to her friendship with Toreth. No Toreth creeping on Dillian (it hits my infidelity DNW in a way that Toreth's random pickups don't). No Carnac unless he's being killed off in the mayhem and isn't allowed to talk terribly much.


Fandom: Good Omens
Relationship/s: Aziraphale/Crowley, Solo: Crowley (Good Omens)
Medium: Fanfiction
Kinks: Crossdressing, First Time, Kink Discovery, Loyalty, Obsession, Porn Watching/Reading, Protectiveness, Pining, Drinking Games, Truth or Dare, Somebody's Genitalia Just Got An Upgrade, Unwilling Attraction, Secret Relationships/Forbidden Relationships, Shame in Sexual Desires

Original Prompts: There is something really hot about the first sexual experience of a 6000 year old being. A lot of what I like about this dynamic is the loyalty and devotion they have for one another, and yet in some ways they really don't seem to know each other very well. In my headcanon Crowley is a fully sexed up demon with a lot of sexual experience. Aziraphale has gone through the years not quite twigging that sex is a thing he could do. But if your starting point is different, I am completely willing to go with you on it.

- Aziraphale's Genitalia Just Got an Upgrade! And now: find the demon and try this sex thing out. Bonus points if Crowley has been pining for millennia and thinks he's just a test run for Aziraphale, but he'll take what he can get.

- One of them is watching or looking at porn! Maybe they're wanking to it, maybe they're just trying to understand this sex thing (for purposes of seducing the other). Maybe both! But they're caught by the object of their thoughts. Bonus points for Kink Discovery. Extra bonus crossdressing is one of these kinks.

- They're really bored and they're playing Truth or Dare. Or maybe just getting especially drunk due to a drinking game. What could possibly go wrong! (Well. Nudity and sex.)

- Crowley and Aziraphale are a bit weird about each other. I'd love to see something that plays with the Obsession, Secret Relationship, Protectiveness, Loyalty, Pining, Unwilling Attraction, and/or Shame in Sexual Desires set. Or some of them at least.

- Crowley has Unwilling Attraction, Shame in Sexual Desires and a bad case of Pining. (He feels wrong about desiring an angel and wanting to do Things to him.) But it turns out that Aziraphale feels that shame has no place in the bedroom and actually he's completely Up For It.

- Unrequited pining: Crowley's arse over tit for Aziraphale, but he's sure that there's no chance. That doesn't stop him and his fully functional sex drive from getting off to an extensive set of fantasies. If you go this route, you can give Crowley a happy ending with Aziraphale or not have Aziraphale appear at all.


Fandom: Buffy
Relationship/s: Spike/Buffy Summers
Medium: Fanfiction
Kinks: Dirty Talk, Marathon Sex, Sex in the Blood of their Enemies, Enemies With Benefits, Enemies to Lovers, Rough Sex, Sex After Fighting/Battle, Fighting Kink, Sharing Fantasies, Claiming Bites, Loyalty Secret, Relationships/Forbidden Relationships, Bruises, fang kink, Size Kink, Manhandling/Shows of Athleticism During Sex, Accidental Soul Bond, Desperate Sex

Original Prompts: I love the physicality and carnality of the Buffy/Spike dynamic. I'm interested in this pairing as a pair of very good fighters who love using their bodies in battle, celebrating each other's deadliness, and burning off the post-fight adrenaline with sex. I think Spike is a revelation to Buffy, that it's a relief to be with someone who gets her and who she doesn't have to hold back with. Someone who has no problems with a woman stronger than he is, but who's also not afraid to push back. And someone who actively loves sex and has no shame about it.

- Accidental Soul Bond reveals their heavily denied lust for one another. And then so much sex, and also some Secret Relationship. (I am always here for Buffy telling the Scoobies where to stick it when they get all weird and controlling, though.) This one plays on Enemies to Lovers or Enemies with Benefits, and probably Pining and Obsession on at least Spike's part. Claiming Bites might also come into it.

- I love to see Buffy put into a position where she has to explicitly and publicly choose Spike. Kinks that might apply: Loyalty, Obsession, Claiming Bites, Soul Bond, Secret Relationship, Enemies to Loves, and any or all of the sexual kinks.

PWP type prompts:

- I want to know what other property damage Spike and Buffy have created while they fuck, particularly if their mutual admiration of fighting prowess kicks it off. Kinks: Sex After Fighting, Sex in the Blood of Their Enemies, Manhandling, Bruises, Desperate Sex, Enemies With Benefits, Fighting Kink.

- Buffy kinking on Spike's fangs. With extra Size Kink, Dirty Talk, Marathon Sex, Manhandling, Rough Sex.

- Spike is very good at getting conversations out of Buffy that others can't. I'd love to see them in a sharing fantasies situation, maybe as a result of Accidental Soul Bond, maybe they're just bored or trapped somewhere. They may or may not then act them out. Dirty Talk, Size Kink, Desperate Sex and Rough Sex are bonuses here.

- Overcome with lust due to Fighting Kink. (An AU of some kind is cool with me here too, if you like, something that puts Buffy more explicitly allied with Spike. Or canon works just as well.) Desperate Sex, Sex in the Blood of Their Enemies, Sex After Fighting.

Fandom Specific DNW: Please don't have Buffy feeling ashamed of her sexuality or what she and Spike do together. Questioning her moral compass is fine, but I'm here for Buffy reveling in the sex and violence of their relationship. Caveat: please avoid that stage where Buffy was actively beating Spike up for non-sexy reasons.


Fandom: Lucifer (TV)
Relationship: Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar
Medium: Fanfiction
Kinks: Het Anal, Kink Discovery, First Time, Friends With Benefits, Pining, Loyalty, Crossdressing, Manhandling/Shows of Athleticism During Sex, Wall Sex, Snowed In, Marathon Sex, Undercover as a Couple, Fantasizing, Truth or Dare, Large Cock

I can see this pairing as Friends With Benefits, or a romantic pairing, or a combination of both with one or both of them pining. I think Lucifer and his lack of shame is a blessing to Chloe and the perfect setup for Kink Discovery. I'd love to see her discovering things about herself she didn't know, or getting to explore kinks she knew about but never tried. These prompts are all kind of Chloe-centric, but that doesn't mean I'm not open to Lucifer POV or a more him-focused story.

Some prompts, but feel free to go in a different direction entirely!

- They're Snowed In and Chloe can only resist Lucifer for so long under the circumstances. Maybe Truth or Dare gets out of hand, maybe Lucifer is just Lucifer. Possible Kinks: Marathon Sex, Wall Sex, Athleticism, Kink Discovery.

- Chloe's never tried anal sex. Maybe she's always wanted to, maybe it's never occurred to her. Either way it's happening.

- They're still just police partners, but they have to go Undercover as a Couple, preferably in a situation where they're unobserved by anyone who knows them. I'll love this setup however you play it, but as a prompt-within-a-prompt, Lucifer tries to be convincing and yet a gentleman. Chloe finds him impossible to resist once physical contact is a thing.

- Chloe fantasizing about Lucifer, either before they've gotten together or after. She may or may not get to act out her fantasy. Canon gave us Chloe having a sex dream about Lucifer-with-horns, so she seems to kink on his supernatural-ness - I'd love to see more of that dynamic.

- Chloe finds she really, really likes Lucifer crossdressing.

- Chloe doesn't believe Lucifer can really live up to his reputation, but once she goes to bed with him she finds that he really, really does. Tell me all about the Marathon Sex, the Wall Sex, the Large Cock, the Shows of Athleticism During Sex. Give me Chloe having the best day of her life and being kind of obvious about it afterward. Also the Maze reaction, and the Dan reaction, if you'd like, because I think it would be hilarious.


Fandom: MCU
Relationship/s: James "Bucky" Barnes/Tony Stark (MCU), Loki/Tony Stark (MCU)
Medium: Fanfiction
Kink: Assassins & Hitmen (Having Sex), Sex in the Blood of their Enemies, Murder Kink, Competence Kink, Intelligence Kink, Weapons Kink, Psychopaths In Love, Rough Sex, Marking, Bloodplay, Possessive Behavior, Biting, Character Turned Into Vampire, Succubi & Incubi

I'm here for an AU Tony wreaking bloody chaos with either Bucky or Loki. I think Tony sees a kindred spirit in both Loki and Bucky, for different reasons. For Loki it's being the smartest kid in the room and not fitting in because of it, and then carrying the guilt of your fuckups. For Bucky it's the shared humor, loyalty, ruthlessness and guardedness. If you go with Bucky, I'd prefer that he'd mostly broken the Winter Solider programming, perhaps with Tony's help.

Maybe it's an Assassins AU, maybe someone is a vampire or an incubus. Maybe it's just a bit apocalyptic and it's every man for himself now. Dub-con is fine for this request.


- Assassins AU! They're on a successful hit and they were *so hot* doing their thing. Kinks: Murder Kink, Weapons Kink, Blootletting, Biting.

- Someone (preferably Tony) has been Turned Into a Vampire. Probably he tries to keep it secret. But now he's got all these cool freaky powers, and his boyfriend is either a super solider or an alien wizard, so their blood is probably extra tasty. Fortunately, Boyfriend is happy - so happy - with the biting and the blood and the cool new powers.

- One of them is a secret Incubus! Angst, discovery...kink? Turns out that an incubus is actually really fun.

- Psychopath AU. Tony has gone or always has been a supervillian, or maybe just really set on doing what he's doing and is just very ruthless with his enemies. Or anyone in the way. Bucky's his boyfriend/enforcer and Tony finds his killings things to be very hot. Or Loki is his genius partner in the lab and they both find each other's methods for dealing with adversaries to be very hot. Lots of Possessive Behavior, Biting, Rough Sex, Marking, Psychopaths in Love.
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