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Dear Chocolate Box Fen,

Hi! I am trying to come out of lurkerdom a bit this year and participate in fandom beyond Yuletide. So! Pleased to meet you. Here is a giant ramble on Fandoms I Have Loved. If I've not given you enough to go on, please do ask me anything you need via a mod. If it helps, you can poke at my fic and bookmarks at AO3. 

AO3 name: cher
Things I love: Magic and tech systems - how stuff works in each universe. Pining. Banter. Characters utterly necessary to one another. Assassins in Love. Humour. Nostalgia and the melancholy that can go with it. Competence. Mythology. The wonder of meeting the supernatural or the strange for the first or fiftieth time. Belonging. The relationship of the everyday to the extraordinary. 

I enjoy shippy fic of any rating from G to explicit, and also enjoy gen character pieces, case or mission fic, or anything really! Whichever direction calls, writer, go! While my bookmarks reveal a tendency toward m/m, I love and appreciate f/f, m/f and all other permutations as well. 

Some favourite tropes: "Forced to tell the truth" in all its versions (truth serum, spell, drinking games, sudden telepathy, sudden soulbond, etc). Third party observer. One or both halves of a pairing oblivious to their feelings. Pining. Getting together. Bodyswap. Loyalty kink. 

None of these things are essential to my enjoyment of the fic you write. :)

Things I Do Not Love (In Exchanges At Least): Non-con, dub-con, incest, any kind of explicit or implied sexual relationship between an adult and child or teenager - or in a mentor/mentee relationship, humiliation in any context (including awkward sex), infidelity, deathfic, pregnancy, kidfic, animal harm, eye injury. And a cephalopod (squid, octopus) phobia, um. Although tentaclefic is fine, so long as there is no actual cephalopod, go figure. 


Fandom: Lucifer (TV)
Characters: Chloe Decker/Lucifer Morningstar

Okay, so, I ship it like burning. Buuuut I also love pining, so I will be happy with pre-ship, established relationship or getting together. Look I just love these two dweebs a bunch. Any rating is good with me, G to explicit. I do not have access to Season 2 where I am, so while I don't care about spoilers, please don't assume knowledge of post Season 1 canon. 

Prompt ideas, if you like prompts:

- Things affect Lucifer's body differently when he's with Chloe. How does that play out in bed? Does he experiment with new sensations? Pain? Different in general? (But if you go with this please don't have him feeling embarrassed.) 

- Lucifer pretty much gets one reaction to The Eyes of Doom. But grow up on enough anime and coloured eyes are, like, just sort of cool? Maybe even a kink? I'd love to see a Chloe who after getting over the "WTF angels are a thing" stage, actually likes his Devil Eyes. I feel that Season Two Maze would find this hilarious. 

- Look I just love pining. So much. You can write me pining from either or both sides and I will be happy. Why? I don't know. He thinks she should never be with the big bad devil, when it comes down to it. She thinks he only wants her for a night and she couldn't bear it.  She decides his family is way too dangerous to bring Trixie into. He is sure she'll never love him and resigns himself to protecting from the sidelines. Anything really. Resolved in the fic, or not. 

Kidfic squick does not apply for this fandom - Trixie's cool. 

More: I love this show for it's everything, really, but Lucifer's anything goes attitude is so much fun. I headcanon the idea the Lucifer is a safe space for Chloe for anything, really, because of that lack of judgement he has going. I love seeing Chloe be the same for him, and letting him drop all his fronts. 

I love the supernatural elements a lot. Angels! Demons! Stonework feels more like home than, like, normal plastered walls! 


Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Characters: John Sheppard/Rodney McKay

Original Optional Details: I miss these dorks so bad. John Sheppard is my favourite possibly ever. You can set this anywhere you like - I haven't seen post Season 3, but can infer most of what's happening. Any rating, G to Explicit. I prefer a getting together or pining from afar scenario for these two, but if you have an established relationship idea, go for it as well! 


- Earth Shore Leave. John thought he had lots to do on earth, but it turns out he just misses his city and wants to be with Rodney. Rodney may or may not agree. 

- Look, there will never be a point in my life when I will have read too many Aliens Made Them Do It (But They Are Secretly Really Happy About That) fics, so... there's that. 

- John vs His Loner Complex. Who will win? The oddly compelling scientist who is such a pain in the butt? Listening to Johnny Cash in the dark forever? Unlikely matchmaker Ronon Dex? 

More: Things I love about John Sheppard: He's so, so, smart and doesn't want you to know it. He follows more of what Rodney does than most realise. He's so, so, lonely and really doesn't want you to know it. He's a ridiculous dork who pulls the best faces. He and Rodney are the best snarkmasters in any fandom ever. I love them teasing each other. The scene in The Storm when he single-handedly takes back Atlantis from the Genii - particularly the time he's hiding *above their heads* under one of the catwalks - is one of the hottest things I have ever seen. 

And Rodney is the funniest, bravest, most heartwarming character. He *tries so hard*. I love when he gets to go outside his comfort zone and do well in one of Sheppard's areas of expertise. 


Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Characters: Spike/Buffy Summers

Original Optional Details: This is a ship I absolutely believe in, but it's Buffy. It's dark, fluffy, ridiculous, hopeless and so, so happy, depending. So feel free to go with any mood that takes you here. Darkfic is fine, porn is great, quiet moments of support are great too. You could set it anywhere in the TV run or post-canon, though I'm not too closely up on the comics storylines. G to Explicit. 
I prefer no Angel appearances. 
- Buffy noticed her *thing* with Spike earlier in canon. When? Why?
- Once, they knocked down a house and ...didn't notice. That can't have been the only time things got out of hand. 
- Buffy and Spike are a really good slaying team. I'd love to see them kicking ass together. 

More: Of all the relationships Buffy has had I am firmly on team Spike. I think he understands her better than any other person in her life, and accepts her as she is. That's good for her, and sometimes bad for him. His kind of self-destructive love is my jam. I love that he is so loyal to her. 

I love that Buffy doesn't have to hide her "dark" personality traits with Spike - that she can gleefully kill things with him. I love that she can use her full strength with him. I love that he loves sex and makes her less ashamed of loving it too. Their 'no one else gets us' thing - especially during the times when they are secretly together - is delightful and hits all my 'us against the world' buttons. 


Fandom: Labyrinth (1986)
Characters: Jareth/Sarah Williams, Jareth & Sarah Williams

Original Optional Details: I imprinted so hard on Jareth growing up. I've requested either / or & for these two. I don't have a preference either way - I'd just love to see futurefic with these two. Adult Sarah and Jareth, and what their relationship looks like. If you prefer to set your fic when Sarah is a teenager, please avoid any kind of a sexual dynamic. Pining is as always fine, though! 
Tone-wise ... this is essentially a fairy tale, and faeries, as we know, bite. If your fic wants to be darkfic, that's totally fine with me. If it wants to be happy or porny, that is fine too! 
- Adult Sarah's relationship to Jareth. Do they have one? Does she call him, and if so, how and how often? Has she decided to be a Goblin Queen after all? Why?
- What's it like to be an all-powerful Goblin King who nevertheless is stuck playing out roles for teenage girls? (Boys?) Does it happen often or is Sarah unusual? 
- Darkfic! Sarah is haunted by Jareth. This changes her life quite a bit. How does she deal with him, as she grows older? 

More: I'd love to see more of who Jareth is when he isn't acting within a scripted set of circumstances. It's a fae world - what are its rules? Who does he have for actual adult company and conversation? Is he all about bargains, promises, rules? Or mischief and chaos? He seems lonely. What does he want? Is it actually fun being Goblin King?


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