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Hi Writer! 
General Preferences: My tastes are wide. I am happy with a story of any rating, gen to explicit. Shipfic, plot based fic, or slice of life - any approach is fine. For canons where I don't otherwise nope out, PWP is also welcome. I've given some takes on the canons and characters, and some prompts - but don't feel you need to follow any of these. 
If you're a tastes-researching writer, here are my bookmarks and fic on AO3, and letters for previous fests are on this journal. If you're interested in tastes for higher-rated fics, you might check out my letter for this year's Smut Swap. 
Tropes and plots I love: 'Forced to tell the truth' scenarios of any kind (truth serum, sudden telepathy, drinking games, thinking-they're-about-to-die confessions etc.). Trapped together in a cabin type scenarios. Anything that deals with a character's area of competence and lets them shine, especially if they're an artist or in science/engineering. Mythology for a particular universe. Exploring a universe's magic, technology or political systems. Suddenly soulbonded / telepathic / body swapped / unable to be apart from one another for Reasons / swapped powers. Magical realism. Team or group bonding stories that focus on found family. Mythologies, real or imagined, for each canon. 
General DNW: Non-con, dub-con, incest, any kind of explicit or implied sexual relationship between an adult and child or teenager - or in a mentor/student relationship, humiliation in any context (including awkward sex), infidelity, deathfic, pregnancy, kidfic, animal harm, eye injury, Trump in any form. And a cephalopod (squid, octopus) phobia, um. Although tentaclefic is fine, so long as there is no actual cephalopod, go figure.

MASH: Hawkeye & Margaret

I love the quiet moments we get in the show when Hawkeye and Margaret get to be friends and supports to one another. They both have terrible, difficult jobs that can't be put down, they don't really get a break from, and they're both excellent in their fields. 
I'd love to see a moment like this, the two of them understanding one another. Might be set anywhere in the show's run, or back in the States. I'm an absolute sucker for stories about how Hawkeye finds his feet again after the war - or doesn't, as the case may be. 
As one idea, I'm interested in the way canon treats Margaret. By current standards, she's harassed and bullied constantly. Is that the way she experiences things? If so, how can it be okay between Hawkeye and Margaret? Is it in fact, okay? Maybe it's a brother-sister dynamic of 'only I get to make your life miserable and I will take apart anyone else who tries'. If you'd like to write a dynamic like this, it doesn't need to come out happy if it doesn't feel right to do that. I'd prefer that they don't end the fic at odds with one another, but don't feel you need to gloss over anything if that's the story you'd like to tell.  

I'm also interested in the ways that different members of camp see, or don't see, through Hawkeye's "I AM TOTALLY FINE" act. I'd love to see how that looks from Margaret's side. 

If you'd like to tackle something hi-jinxish, I would adore a fic about Margaret and Hawkeye teaming up to prank someone. The whole camp, for preference, or perhaps just BJ. 
This fandom is a beloved one for me, but one that lends itself very well to angst, bitterness, PTSD recovery, and that very particular pain that is having been part of a tight knit group and then knowing that that group will never again be together, or the same. It's a fandom of deep love, and deep loss, and finding small joys in between. 
Please feel free to include any supporting characters you might like. I'm a Trapper John girl, myself, but anyone and everyone is loved. 

For this fandom, I would prefer a lower rating, and a canon-typical setting. And since infidelity and mourning are canonical themes in this fandom, it's okay to include them as an element if it fits the story even though those show up in my general DNW list. I don't ship them even a little, so while it's totally canon that Hawkeye flirts with Margaret, I would prefer that it doesn't go any further than that between them. 


Harry Dresden: Harry/Thomas

Oblivious pining on one or both sides, with mutual insecurities that they are Not Good Enough for the other? Yes, please. Lots of mutual admiration, yes. Hot White Court sex? Please, if you would like, but not required. 
I love this canon for its magic systems, weapons and politics, so if any of those make their way into a fic it would be a lovely bonus. I adore Demonreach and its whole setup, and I'd love to see a scenario where they find a way for Thomas to stay with Harry on the island for a while. 
I'm not into the incest angle as a kink, but more as an extra barrier in their relationship that they need to work out a way to be okay with. (They don't really seem to care, particularly, from what canon gives us, so maybe it's more a case of it being one more reason that Harry doesn't seem to consider that his constantly thinking 'wow Thomas is hot' means anything.) Does something about being related manage to get around the True Love White Court problem? Do they tell themselves it's clearly not serious as long as they can touch without pain, when in fact that just doesn't work on siblings?

For this fandom, you can do almost anything and I will be happy. Be as crackish or AU or canonical as you like (I don't mind any kind of AU here, even mundane ones, so long as some kind of magic or magic-like ability stays). Be as dirty-bad-wrong or fluffy as you like - higher ratings would be loved for this fandom, but certainly not required. 

Prompts - Harry has to work undercover at Thomas' salon. Why? I have not a clue, but I think it could be hilarious. Maybe it's a sting operation for some big bad who likes pampering. Maybe Harry has to lay low and this is as unexpected a place to hide as any. He also has to pose as Thomas' boyfriend, because he's so terrible at salon work why else would he be there. Or, maybe he turns out to be really excellent at the job and that's a surprise to everyone. Tropes I'd love here: Fake relationship, pretending to be engaged/married/just really serious, public displays of affection for the benefit of the disguise, pining, insecurities, mutual admiration. 

- Thomas is the only person who can keep Harry company on Demonreach. He's used to fighting a demon in his head, kind of, so he can help. Maybe he had to call in a major favour to get the magical immunity he needs to be effective on the island, and Harry is even more mad at him for it, but can't send him back because he paid so much for the favour. Bonus here if Thomas tries to teach Harry to fight the weird rapey impulses that Winter gives him, maybe by doing a lot of submitting. Tropes: Slow slide toward codependency, bonding, fighting leads to sex, loyalty kink, any of the 'truth serum' type plots. 

- Harry's going after the Black Council and he doesn't trust anyone else not to get themselves immediately killed. Infiltration, explosions, exasperation, fireworks, sex in the blood of their enemies, maybe. Maybe a lust spell that backfired, I don't know. 

Fandom specific DNW: Please don't change their backstory - for this pairing to work for me they need to preserve that met-as-adults and didn't immediately know they were related dynamic. I don't need you to have them pretend or not acknowledge their connection, or constantly worry about whether it is Okay, just that is was formed as adults. Incest is usually in my DNW list to be safe, but I'm totally on board with met-as-adults brothers. (And I'm also totally on board with your likes, whatever they are, writer - I don't want to sound like an anti here! <3)

Highlander: Methos & Joe, Methos/Duncan, Methos & Duncan & Amanda

This is an old comfort fandom. I love its potential for the particular angst of immortals, the quiet friendships between them all, the powerful love that builds through the centuries. I'm failing a bit on a good list of prompts here, but it's not because I have any less love for this fandom, I promise. 
I'm a Methos girl, and so I'd love a fic that features him. I love his intelligence, his ruthlessness, his playfulness and complexities. I love that he's a sneak and a chameleon and a survivor, and that he will fuck your shit up and you'll never see it coming. 
I like the friendship between Joe and Methos, the tension between Watcher and Immortal and Joe and Adam. I like the constant knowledge that their lifespans are so dissimilar, and the way that effects their friendship. The shared frustration with Duncan's antics. The share love of research and the pursuit of knowledge. 
For Duncan/Methos, I enjoy the reluctant, inevitable falling in love of someone as cagey as Methos is. The sex life of two very experienced people is also a great deal of fun - but not necessary if you'd rather not. I prefer pining and/or getting together stories over established relationship slice of life, but any approach is welcome, really. 
For the three of them, I love their dynamic. I'd really love a caper that needs all of their skills for some reason - heist, infiltration, assassination, economic takeover ... or maybe it's just planning a surprise party for Joe. I just like to see them working together and enjoying one another's company. 


Iron Man: JARVIS/Tony, JARVIS & Tony

There is not near enough fic out there that explores the relationship between JARVIS and Tony. I would love to hear about their friendship or more, whatever you'd like. I adore JARVIS and his snark, and Tony and his everything. 
What's it like to be an AI and how do they learn to communicate with one another? When and how did JARVIS reach personhood, and what is his understanding of emotion? 
- I'd love a scenario that lets JARVIS be the BAMF who saves the day when Tony is in peril.

- Or a quiet slice of life, showing them hanging out together in whatever way works. 

- If you posit that Tony has the form of Extremis that works a bit like technomancy, he and JARVIS could have a mental connection. How would that play out? 

- Extremis!Tony has a long lifespan. JARVIS is infinitely replicatable. What does it look like when they are both alive beyond their original eras?
If the ship appeals to you, I'm very interested in how a relationship might work and how they negotiated the differences in their status - JARVIS has to be able to say no. What do they like? What are they both getting out of it? JARVIS has access to the fabrication units, and can send out work orders if he needs humans to install new fixtures, so he can conceivably build anything he likes. How does that work out? 

- A PWP here is perfectly welcome. I like the idea of JARVIS having flexible tentacle-like arms in certain rooms. 


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