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Hi Writer!

General Preferences: My tastes are wide. I am happy with a story of any rating, gen to explicit. Shipfic, plot based fic, or slice of life - any approach is fine. For canons where I don't otherwise nope out, PWP is also welcome.

If you're a tastes-researching writer, here are my bookmarks and fic on AO3, and letters for previous fests are on this journal.

Tropes and plots I love: 'Forced to tell the truth' scenarios of any kind (truth serum, sudden telepathy, drinking games, thinking-they're-about-to-die confessions etc.). Trapped together in a cabin type scenarios. Anything that deals with a character's area of competence and lets them shine, especially if they're an artist or in science/engineering. Mythology for a particular universe. Exploring a universe's magic, technology or political systems. Suddenly soulbonded / telepathic / body swapped / unable to be apart from one another for reasons / swapped powers. Magical realism. Team or group bonding stories that focus on found family.

General DNW: Non-con, dub-con, incest, any kind of explicit or implied sexual relationship between an adult and child or teenager - or in a mentor/student relationship, humiliation in any context (including awkward sex), infidelity, deathfic, pregnancy, kidfic, animal harm, eye injury, Trump in any form. And a cephalopod (squid, octopus) phobia, um. Although tentaclefic is fine, so long as there is no actual cephalopod, go figure.


Harry Potter - JK Rowling
Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing, Soulmate Telepathy, Soulbond Telepathy, Unwilling Soulbond Reveals Pining, Dreaming of Soulmate, Harry Potter AU: Sorting Hat Also Randomly Soulbonds Students, Soulbond Causes Shared Magic Powers, Waking Up Soulbonded After a Night Out

This is one of my never-get-tired-of-it pairings. It's a rival!ship of the very best kind. Intense feelings, mutual obsession, sports field rivalry, complex moral questions, relatively well matched skills.

For this pairing, if you'd like to write something that includes explicit sex - which would be very welcome but not necessary - please set it at a time when the characters are over 18. Eighth year is fine, post-Hogwarts by however many years is also fine.

Feel free to mix and match with the tags - I like them all together and separately.

Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing - Spell, potion or artifact gone wrong! And now they're even more obsessed with one another, but it probably takes someone else to point out that it's not natural because neither of them noticed. Maybe it includes a 'can't be far away from each other' effect, or a 'compelled to comfort each other' clause. How do they realise in the end? Then what happens?

Soulmate Telepathy or Soulbond Telepathy - There can never be enough telepathy fic. Do they know who their bondmate is, or are they just a voice they become friends with? What happens when they find out? Or did they know all along, and spend a lot of time insulting each other? If it's a case of soulmates, when does the telepathy start, and it's very early on, how does that change things?

Unwilling Soulbond Reveals Pining - One of them is consciously pining, and I don't mind who. For Reasons, there is a soulbond needed. Maybe it's a way to block Voldemort somehow. Maybe it grants extra powers. Maybe it had to be done to save someone's life or sanity. Either way, it was very necessary and yet one of them balked at it, and it didn't seem to make sense. And then it did.

Dreaming of Soulmate - The dreams start suddenly. Triggered by what? Or maybe they've always been there, making each of them feel less alone, although to Harry they're just dreams of an imaginary friend. How would they relate differently to each other as a result? Do they know who's on the other side of the dreams?

Harry Potter AU: Sorting Hat Also Randomly Soulbonds Students - Harry might manage to talk the Hat out of Slytherin, but it won't budge on the soulbond issue. Or maybe he can't talk it out of either. I guess it depends how the Hat feels about interhouse bonding.

Soulbond Causes Shared Magic Powers - A soulbond - accidental, intentional, or coerced - boosts the magical ability of both parties. I'd kind of love a 'crack Auror pair' take on this, but whatever approach you want will be great.

Waking Up Soulbonded After a Night Out - Post-Hogwarts, there's a big night. And Harry's heard of waking up married in Vegas, but this is intolerable. And there's nothing he can do about it. Except soulbonds don't just form out of nowhere, so there must be some kind of compatibility there. Somehow?


Harry Potter - JK Rowling
Sirius Black/James Potter
Accidental Soulbond, Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing, Soulbond Telepathy, Unwilling Soulbond Reveals Pining

This pairing is so intense, and that's what I love about it. I think Sirius would do literally anything for James, and James - while not quite so suicidally loyal - thinks his best mate is awesome. My favourite dynamic for this pairing is mutual and oblivious pining followed by the terrible/wonderful realisation that one's best mate is hot like burning and something should really be done about that.

Setting - anywhere from sixth year to post-Hogwarts. Rating - whatever you'd like, G to explicit. Lily - However you'd like to write her. It might be an open relationship V arrangement, a breakup, never got together because she could see what was really going on. No bashing, though, please, and I'd prefer not a threesome arrangement.

Feel free to mix and match with the tags - I like them all together and separately.

Accidental Soulbond - The kind of magic-pioneering shenanigans going on with those two, this could happen pretty easily. Now what? Do they get even more obsessed with each other?

Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing - Same scenario, only they don't know why they suddenly can't stop thinking about one another even worse than usual.

Soulbond Telepathy - Oh, the extra trouble they could cause with telepathy. I'm a sucker for sudden!telepahy fic - how do they discover it? What secrets are accidentally revealed? How unnerving is it for the people around them? Are there downsides?

Unwilling Soulbond Reveals Pining - In this scenario, I prefer Sirius to be the one pining, but if you'd like to go the other way that's fine too. Maybe they had to take a soulbond for Reasons - one of them was in a bind, maybe getting Sirius out of some pureblood thing, maybe done to save one of their lives after an injury, whatever you like. Maybe Sirius doesn't want to take the bond and James doesn't see the problem. Angst! Then there's the bond, and it turns out, after much evasion on the piner's part, that they just wanted to hide their Very Deep Feelings.

Loki/Tony Stark
Soulmate Telepathy Dreaming of Soulmate Accepting a Soulbond to Save the World Accidentally Soulbonded Enemies Chemically Induced/Artificially Created Soulbond Secret Soulmates You Can't Die As Long As Your Soulmate Is Alive Extreme Stress Can Transport Your Soulmate Through Time/Space To Come To Your Aid Refusing To Admit That You're Each Other's Soulmates

I like this pairing because Loki and Tony read as very similar to me - the smart kid, privately insecure, outwardly privileged but lonely and betrayed by their father figures. Carrying the burdens of their past actions. Presenting themselves as the world expects to see them. Stubborn and independent, with not so great self-preservation instincts. Innovators and ruthless bastards. (If you read them differently, that's totally fine with me - this is just my mini-ship manifesto. I would be also be delighted to receive fic that doesn't follow this read at all.)

I like all of these tropes, separately or together.

Rating - Any rating you like. Smut is very much enjoyed, G-rated and anywhere in between fine too. If you want to play with Jotun form and Tony's reactions to it, that's awesome too.

Pick any point in canon you like, or pre-canon if you'd like to go the 'aware of each other all their lives' route. In that case, you can either go with Loki being 'mate-less most of his life if soulmates are expected in Asgard, or really confused to suddenly have this bond if not.

Dreaming of Soulmate / Extreme Stress Can Transport Your Soulmate Through Time/Space To Come To Your Aid - For both or either of these, how would their stories be different if there were the case? How might it work? What 'stress' is enough, and is it a full teleportation or just a shadow of the mate? If dreams, do they have any conscious control? I like the idea of the support of this safe-seeming dream friend, and then the difficulty of ending up on opposite sides of a war. I'd love to read them helping each other with invention problems over the years and being somewhat horrified once they discover who the other is, or in Tony's case, that the other is actually real. Has it happened all their lives or just after they've met?

Accepting a Soulbond to Save the World / Accidentally Soulbonded Enemies / Chemically Induced/Artificially Created Soulbond - I can see them both accepting, reluctantly, a soulbond to save the world, and then what? Or one of the Gems or someone's rouge power bonding them. Or a villain force-bonding them (or maybe Loki himself, for Loki-reasons, and maybe he thought it would be temporary). I'd like to see the fallout of any of these as they get to know each other.

Secret Soulmates - I'd love this. What if, on meeting, they recognise each other but can't let anyone know because they'd both be considered compromised. Combined with the Dreaming of Soulmate this could be excellent pining material.

Soulmate Telepathy - There will be never be enough telepathy. And these two would never shut up, ever.

You Can't Die As Long As Your Soulmate Is Alive - Angsty opportunities here with immortals and mortals. Does this mean that Tony's death will kill Loki? Or that Tony lives forever because his lifespan now matches Loki's? Or that Loki will need to Golden Apple Tony to keep them both alive? Or some other twist?

Refusing To Admit That You're Each Other's Soulmates - I can see this combined with any of the other tags. Show me the pining and the stubborn.


Buffy (TV)
Spike/Buffy Summers
Soulbond Telepathy, Unwilling Soulbond Reveals Pining, Telepathic Sex Between the Soulbonded, Accepting a Soulbond to Save the World, Accidentally Soulbonded Enemies, Claiming Bite Causes Soulbond

I love the physicality and carnality of the Buffy/Spike dynamic. I'm interested in this pairing as a pair of very good fighters who love using their bodies in battle, celebrating each other's deadliness. I think Spike is a revelation to Buffy, that it's a relief to be with someone who gets her and who she doesn't have to hold back with. Someone who has no problems with a woman stronger than he is, but who's also not afraid to push back. And someone who actively loves sex and has no shame about it.

I love Buffy and Spike together. I think that Spike gets Buffy on a level none of her other partners have. For that matter, on a level that none of the Scoobies do. I like seeing her have that acceptance from him, and I like seeing Buffy explore the side she sees as 'dark' with him. Spike doesn't get acceptance from Buffy through most of canon, though, and the darkness and dysfunction in their relationship is part of what makes it interesting. I love to see Buffy put into a position where she has to explicitly and publicly choose Spike.

In Buffy-verse, I am open to darkfic, fluff, porn, casefic - anything, really. It's a dark canon, and also a fun one, so go with whatever direction you want. Grief and mourning are a big part of the canon, for this canon deathfic is okay, if that's what you want to write. And I'm open to any way you want to handle the concept of "soul" with Spike. If you want it to be an abstract concept and treat all the prompts at just 'bonds' that don't require a soul, that's absolutely fine with me.

Accidental Soulbonded Enemies, Accepting a Soulbond to Save the World or Unwilling Soulbond reveals their heavily denied lust for one another. And then probably sex, and also some Secret Relationship. (I am always here for Buffy telling the Scoobies where to stick it when they get all weird and controlling, though.) If you prefer to write sex, angst, fade to black or slice of life is fine.

Soulbond Telepathy - I have to think that it would equal parts horrifying and hilarious to end with Spike in your head. Maybe a comfort, too, if you're looking for acceptance and you're not finding it in the rest of your friends.

Telepathic Sex Between the Soulbonded - Yes. This.

Claiming Bite Causes Soulbond - Also yes. I like the added layer of potential conflict here, because Spike (should have? did?) know what would happen and did it anyway. (Why?) Maybe Buffy's actually okay with the whole deal? Feel free to use whatever mythology you like for how and why claiming bites work and what they do.

Fandom Specific DNW: Please don't have Buffy feeling ashamed of her sexuality or what she and Spike do together. Questioning her moral compass is fine, but I'm here for Buffy reveling in the sex and violence of their relationship. Caveat: please avoid that stage where Buffy was actively beating Spike up for non-sexy reasons.


The Administration - Manna Francis
Sara Lovelady & Val Toreth
Learned Their Soulmate is a Horrible Person, Soulmate Empathy, Injuries Transfer to Soulmate

I'd like a story that ends with Toreth and Sara being important and safe for one another, even if the path there is hard and angst ridden. Or maybe it's easy!

I can't see Toreth being able to cope with a sudden soulbond without snapping and killing his bonded and/or himself, but in the kind of world where everyone is low-grade aware of their soulmate all their lives even before meeting them? I'm there.

And I'd love to see what it would be like for relatively well-adjusted Sara to be bonded to personality disordered Toreth. She clearly loves him (platonically of course) and is loyal to him. That can't be easy even in the canon verse. What is it like in a bonded-verse that includes at least some transfer of experience/thought/emotion between bonded pairs? Would he be better adjusted, if he had someone he could be certain of? Would she have better luck picking boyfriends? Would the bond have made it hard for Sara to be "normal"? Maybe she ends up disordered as well?

Learned Their Soulmate is a Horrible Person: If you like this one, you could focus on Sara's adjustment to discovering that the person on the other end of the bond is an I&I Para. Or maybe she doesn't have to adjust - maybe the bond means she's just happy to be near her bondmate. What's it like for Toreth - does he worry about his effect on Sara? Can he? If you want to make this angsty, go ahead, but if you do I'd like an ending that feels hopeful for them at least.

Injuries Transfer: In a universe like The Administration this could be fairly horrific. Maybe Sara has a fear of water as well. Maybe Toreth is paranoid about not getting injured, ever, because he can't stand Sara to be hurt. Maybe the transfer only happens sometimes - how and why? How might this rule affect the way Toreth runs his sex life? (Does being drugged count as an injury?)

Soulmate Empathy: I'm interested in how this might work when one half of the pair is personality disordered. Does Toreth learn more about emotion from Sara?


Stargate Atlantis
John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay/Teyla Emmagan/Ronon Dex
Accidental Soulbond Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing Aliens Made Them Soulbond Soulbond Requires Physical Proximity Soulbond Telepathy Soulbonding Grants Powers Soulmate Empathy Soulmates Feel Each Other's Pain and Pleasure Unwilling Soulbond Reveals Pining

For this fandom, I'd most enjoy something set in the first two seasons. So many possibilities for soulbonding in this fandom. Ancient devices everywhere, Alien Rituals all over the place. This is either an angsty pining or wacky hijinks fandom for me, usually, but I'm not picky at all. I just miss these dorks.

I like all the tags, separately and together. I mean for the prompts to read as if they apply to both the pairing or the foursome, whichever you may have matched on.

Accidental Soulbond / Accidentally Soulbonded Without Realizing - This team is always close, but lately it's been ridiculous. Now John is bringing Rodney Powerbars and neither of them are sure why, and maybe Rodney brought back a flower he'd never seen before but Teyla likes in her tea. How and when did it happen? What does it look like from the outside? Does it change anything? I really love the found family dynamic here.

Aliens Made Them Soulbond - The Earth types didn't actually believe anything would happen, but it did. And it's awkward and kind of wonderful and then awkward again.

Soulbond Requires Physical Proximity - John and Rodney were always joined at the hip but this is getting ridiculous. If all four of them, it's more ridiculous yet.

Soulbond Telepathy - It's in all my prompts and I love it. And no one can sleep with Rodney's thoughts in their head.

Soulbonding Grants Powers - Maybe Rodney can use the Ancient gene now. Maybe there's some other Ancient half-ascended power available to the bonded.

Soulmate Empathy / Soulmates Feel Each Other's Pain and Pleasure - This team, sharing *feelings*? They may never see John again.

Unwilling Soulbond Reveals Pining - If John/Rodney, I don't mind who's pining for who. If the OT4, I prefer John/Rodney and Teyla/Ronon or perhaps it's just John pining for his whole team.


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